International Leadership and Business Summit

The Program

Exclusive International and Business Development Opportunities

Here’s how this transformational program works. You and your fellow student leaders will work in teams and collaborate with Nigerian business owners via Skype. Your team will consider a particular problem, research answers, develop a sustainable solution and assist in the implementation of the proposed solution. A Leadership Initiatives development expert from Bauchi State, Nigeria, will be on site at each program session to collaborate with you as you create achievable solutions.

Along the way, your team will update your progress on a webpage (view an webpage presentation here). that will showcase your solutions and the progress your team has made. Each web page remains online for four years and is a valuable resource for you to highlight the results and impact of your collaboration as you pursue college admissions and scholarships.

At the end of the program, your team will present your challenge and solution to your peers, the program faculty and a panel of experts from Leadership Initiatives (watch an example presentation here). Teams with the top presentations and business solutions will be awarded a grant for their business partners in Nigeria to develop and enact their solutions over 12 to 18 months. Leadership Initiatives will create a promotional video showcasing the solutions of winning groups to use for college and scholarship applications.

All students who participate in ILBS will receive an invitation to join Leadership Initiatives’ International Business Alliance Program (IBAP). IBAP is a highly-competitive mentorship program where students will spend 12-24 months working closely with businesses in Nigeria. Students who join IBAP will receive college search and application assistance, four professional mentors and two college recommendations (one from your business partner and one from your Leadership Initiatives mentor).

In addition, all students who participate in ILBS will receive one year of free online SAT or ACT prep courses from TestRocker, scholarship application assistance from Scholly and professional editing services for five college essays of 650 words each professionally edited by our partners at University Initiatives.

Previous Student Projects

Anna & Sani

Anna and her team partnered with Sani, the owner of the Birshi Fish Farming Group, to meet the challenge of providing affordable, nutritious food to his community. After learning about the major issues facing Sani’s business, the team researched solutions and helped Sani discover how to make feed in order to improve the fish’s nutrients, to reuse dead fish to feed crops and to better manage the financial aspect of his business. Learn more about how students are transforming Sani’s Fish Farming Project here.

Korben & Hamza

Korben and his team partnered with Hamza to grow his welding business and decrease unemployment levels in his local town, where poverty is high and the employment levels are low. The team helped Hamza learn new advertising skills to enlarge his customer base, build products to make his business more competitive and create additional financial management plans and skills training courses. Learn more about how students are transforming businesses here.

Carrie & Abdulhadi

Carrie and her team partnered with tailoring business owner Abdulhadi to expand his customer base so that he could pay his employees more and contribute to the growth of his community. The team helped tackle three major development issues by helping Abdulhadi create a new logo, develop an advertising plan and a rates guide to attract more customers, evaluate some unique designs for the outfits he makes and gain new accounting and financial skills. Learn more about how students are transforming Abdulhadi’s Tailoring business here.

Marshall J. Bailly II, Keynote Speaker

Marshall J. Bailly II is the founder of Leadership Initiatives, a non-profit organization based in the United States that approaches the problem of underdevelopment by empowering communities to address their own needs through education and local financing. Over the past decade, with Marshall as Executive Director, Leadership Initiatives has grown to help create and expand 54 independent businesses. Over the past 15 years, Marshall has raised over 2.8 million dollars for business creation in developing communities and has created hundreds of jobs—transforming lives across the globe.

Learn more about Marshall and the Leadership Initiatives Team Here.
Marshall and several development experts will be on site at the International Leadership and Business Summit, helping students work through the challenges presented by their Nigerian business partners.

University Admissions Assistance

The International Leadership and Business Summit invites top college admissions officers and experts to teach program participants about the college admissions process. This will include an ideas, tips, and a best seminar to help students prepare for the college admissions process.

Leadership Initiatives is also bringing in officials to teach student leaders about the scholarship application process, SAT/ACT testing methods and will give each student a college acceptance evaluation so students can better understand their college admissions opportunities and find areas where improvement will have the most impact for their future.

Students will also learn about college life from Georgetown professors, who will take them through everything from how to select an academic major, to how to determine what schools are a good match, to what to expect after you have arrived at college.

* As a reminder all students who participate in the program receive one year of free online SAT or ACT prep courses from TestRocker, scholarship application assistance from Scholly and five college essays of 650 words each professionally edited by Leadership Initiatives writing partners at University Initiatives.

Expert Speakers and Workshops

You and your peers will work with Leadership Initiatives Board, Advisory Board, mentoring team members and supporters face-to-face to help create solutions to your Nigerian business partner’s problems and for you to receive career advice. You may hear from expert mentors such as:

  • Chip Kunde, Vice President of Government Relations for Sysco
  • Wike Kaiser, Senior Vice President at Citigroup
  • Britt Lake, Chief Program Officer (acting) at GlobalGiving
  • Catherine Robinson, International Government Affairs at Pfizer
  • Bill Stefan, DoD Deputy for Enterprise Management
  • Penny Daniels, Strategist, Executive Communications Coach, Messaging, Speechwriting, Presentations for 3D Communications
  • Ahmed S. Mohammed, Director of Talent Acquisition, Dartmouth College – Hanover, NH
  • Steve Pressman, American Institute for Economic Research
  • Brian N Wenny SR. Scientist at NASA
  • Nicolas Benore, Portfolio Manager, Senior Vice President at PNC Bank

  • Elizabeth Ghandakly, Senior Corporate Counsel at Oracle
  • Rick Kuehn, Commander at 452 Airlift Control Flight, USAFR
  • Katherine Kinzer, Director of Network Management at the International Youth Foundation
  • Lynsie Hall, President & CEO, OmniLearn, LLC
  • Sarah C. Stiles, Teaching Professor, Department of Sociology, Georgetown University
  • Antoine Eloi, Manager, Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson
  • Simon Limage, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nonproliferation Programs at State Department
  • Whitney E.Derber, Kahn Zack Ehrlich and Lithwick LLP
  • Carmine C. Carullo, Planning & Performance Analysis Manager, ExxonMobil Medicine & Occupational Health (Retired)
  • Bryan Bernys, Leadership Institute Vice President of Campus Programs