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Anika Rueppell
Class of 2019

My name is Anika Rueppell and I am a rising junior at the Early College at Guilford. In my spare time during the school year, I sing in a choir, compete on the Battle of the Books team, and serve as the co-chair of our school’s book club. I also enjoy reading and writing individually. In the summer, I swim on a swim team and volunteer at the Cultural Arts Center in downtown Greensboro for a visual arts summer camp for children. My personality is probably best described as curious and intuitive. Although I am a fairly shy person, I love the stories that surround people. I am motivated by the desire to ask and answer significant questions that change the way I live my life for the better. Because of this desire, I enjoy thinking deeply. My dreams include going to university in another country and studying abroad, studying and getting degrees in a subject I am passionate about, and getting involved in a career that is both personally satisfying and improves the world around me. It is an amazing opportunity to be able to start helping the other people in this world already thanks to ILBS, and I look forward to contributing to positive change.

Ella Farrell
Class of 2019

Hello, I’m Ella F., and I’m a rising junior at Los Alamitos High School in Orange County, California. Academically, I challenge myself by taking Advanced Placement classes and participating in clubs such as the Spanish Honors Society, National Honors Society, and the California Scholarship Federation.

Outside of school, I am a member of the competitive dance team at my school and a pre-professional dance company. On average, I dance approximately 20 hours per week. In addition to these hours, I’m a part-time dance instructor for younger children.

In addition to my work as a teacher, I am part of an organization called Dance 2 Your Door. As a group, we perform small shows in elderly homes or hospitals to provide entertainment for those who cannot see it otherwise, such as the elderly, immobile, or chronically ill.

I’m looking forward to being a part of the International Leadership and Business Summit because it will provide me with tools to build leadership skills and expand my knowledge on how to make a greater impact on people’s lives.

Jordan Mason
Class of 2021

My name is Lady’ Jordan M., and I am an rising freshman. I pride myself on being involved, both academically and socially. In middle school I was a member of the basketball, volleyball and forensics teams, along with student council and NJHS. All of which I plan to continue throughout my high school career. I love to act and express myself through my words, which I someday want to gear into becoming a criminal defense attorney and maybe even one day opening my own civil rights firm.

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