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Amber Bridges
Class of 2018

My name is Amber Bridges! I was born on March 10, 2000, I am currently 17 years old. I am a upcoming senior at Baltimore city college high school, a school located in Baltimore Maryland.  And I am the only and oldest sister out of four younger brothers. I am someone who finds happiness in reading poetry, listening to music, and traveling. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things from different experiences and the people that I encounter within my life. I’ve been told that I have a vibrant personality!
I believe that the world itself is a huge opportunity, and that it takes an ambitious and curious person to explore the opportunities that the world has to offer. With that being said, I love trying new things and stretching my comfort zone, because as a person I feel like I am developing my self growth, and learning new things about myself along the way.
My goal for my life, is to be happy and enjoy whatever it is that I do in life. Rather it’s working with young children or being a registered nurse. It’s about knowing that I am greatly impacting someone’s life by caring for them, and giving them the love that they deserve.
Another goal for my life is traveling the world because I am a huge people’s person, I love being around humans, and enjoying the laughs and the wonderful vibes that comes with meeting new people and being around such positive people, because it’s something that I believe will bring great joy to my life.

DaShay Rascoe
Class of 2018

I am currently a rising senior at the Baltimore Leadership for Young Women. With a strong interest of pursuing a career in law, you can normally find me preparing for my 2018 graduation. I’ve spent nearly my entire school career traveling colleges and involving myself in programs that are directly linked to the improvement of my community. For instance, I am currently serving a two year term as a board member for the Baltimore City Police Department.

At only 17 years old, I have been involved in a abundance of programs in and out of school. I’ve assisted a little league team, planned a city event, operated as an executive member of student government, and so much more in my junior year alone. As I continue to grow, I’m learning ways to not only influence myself but to influence those around me also. I have high hope of improvement, and that only begins with being the change you want to see.

I have plans of becoming a defense attorney, and eventually starting up and running my own non-profit organization: focused on giving the youth of Baltimore opportunities similar to what I’ve been blessed with. I am determined, open minded,goal oriented. And i believe without a doubt i have the skills and knowledge to transform the world.

Dominique Waters
Class of 2019

I am Dominique Waters and I am currently 16 years old. I live in Baltimore, Maryland and attend the wonderful Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women (BLSYW). I am a rising junior with an accumulative GPA average of a 3.8. I will be graduating in 2019. I was born in December 28, 2000 in Bethesda, Maryland. My favorite subject in school is math but that possibly might change over the course of my last two years of high school because of how hard it’s going to get. The things I like to do involving school are things like sports and after schools clubs. I’ve played soccer, ran track, and played volleyball. I’ve been on the robotics team at my school and I was the manager for the middle school cheer leading team at my school also.

After high school I either want to attend Xavier University in Louisiana or Howard University in Washington D.C. I want to be either a pediatrician or a neonatal nurse. I really want to care for babies, that is where my heart is truly. Seeing children happy, alive, and well, just brings me so much joy. I would potentially have to be in school for 8 years to be a pediatrician which is a very long time.

Shanise Barkley
Class of 2018

My name is Shanise Barkley I am a rising senior at the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women. I have a passion for equity and I plan to exude this by advocating for the protection of the environment, animals, and people. Practicing both agricultural law and civil law is a huge goal of mine. Later on in my life I aspire to be a Supreme Court Justice. Everything I’ve been doing thus far in my life has prepared me for this exact profession. Being a Supreme Court Justice requires an immense amount of leadership and I have been the president of my class for 3 consecutive years. I am a member of the Baltimore City Police Advisory. I have attended an array of academic programs that has prepared me for my desired career. I had the opportunity of meeting Michelle Obama which had opened my eyes to so many opportunities in life I’ll always remember her mentioning that knowledge is the key to all success.

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