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Benjamin Fogiel Class of 2018

Hello, my name is Benjamin Fogiel and I am a senior at Nevada Union High School in Nevada City California. At my high school, I am the president of the Student Action Committee/Outdoors Club. For the Student Action portion of the club we introduce the students with entertaining activities during the lunch period and for the Outdoors portion of the club we go on hikes and do other various outdoor activities. This spring semester my friend and I created the Investors Club in which I am vice-president. We teach students the stock market, entrepreneurship, and other financial skills. At my public county library, I did volunteer work where I taught people the basics of how to use computers. At the same library, I volunteered in various courses where I taught people the basics of excel and how to build simple robots. My extra-curricular activities also include running on the high school cross country and track team along with snowboarding. In cross country, I hold the Nevada Union High School two-mile cross country course record, and was the division champion last year. While I was a sophomore and not old enough to be a team captain, many of the other athletes did however look up to me. I am now a Junior and am currently stepping up to be a team captain. In track, I lead the long distance (1600 and 3200 meter) Frosh/Soph runners, and we win almost every race as a team. My hobbies include playing guitar, programming, and expanding my knowledge on subjects that appeal to me.

Joshua Geronimo Class of 2018

Joshua Geronimo is no stranger to helping others, always ready to tutor someone in need to bring them on the same page and through volunteering his services to others in CSF.

While he has been able to see his own community impact through being secretary of the Rio Mesa Poetry Slam Club and Director of Internal Affairs in his school’s JSA chapter, he couldn’t turn down the opportunity to make a global impact and help out Ibrahim’s growing business!

Katerina Gallegos Class of 2018

My name is Katerina Gallegos and I am a rising senior at St. Pius X high school.

I am a very active student and I am involved with various extracurricular activities. I volunteer with the Special Olympics, which is a program that helps disabled kids participate in sporting events. I am passionate about art and I spend a lot of time drawing and painting.

My passion for life is astronomy, music, and running. At school, since I was in 6th grade, I have done science fair and have made it to regionals each and every time. I am involved in the school orchestra playing cello and I run for the cross country and track and field team. I practice hip hop dance at a private studio and have been doing dance for 5 years. I am very thankful to Leadership Initiatives for giving me the opportunity to help business and individuals in Africa. I look forward to the opportunity and challenge

Timin Thaver
Class of 2018

My name is Timin Thaver. I am a rising senior at Friends’ Central School in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. I am the CEO of Rerun Sneaker Supply – a successful business that I developed several years ago and  expanded last year by working with the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!). I am also an elected board member of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Advisory Council of Philadelphia. I have been a passionate entrepreneur from a young age, creating my first company at the age of 7 and donating the profits to an orphanage in South Africa.
During the summer of 2015, I participated in the Global Young Innovators Initiative at Harvard University. The goal of the camp was to have students create solutions to some of the problems that small businesses in Africa were experiencing. My team and I were recognized as having great solutions and we were asked to continue working with Leadership Initiatives.  In the Fall of 2015, I recruited fellow students at Friends’ Central school, developed an organizational structure, assigned roles and responsibilities and successfully led my team to propose solutions to a Mr  Abdulmalik Abdullahi, a furniture maker in Nigeria.
Because I have a philanthropic mindset, I have volunteered my services at various institutions including the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center, Wynnewood Parks and Recreation Department and at La Clinicia San Juan De Dios – a children’s hospital in Peru.
At school, I co-founded the Rubik’s cube club and participate in cube-solving competitions.  I am also a  participant in both the Science Core Team and Business Club.
I am really grateful to Leadership Initiatives for giving me the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs in less fortunate areas of the world improve their businesses, their lives and their communities.  I was privileged to work with a diverse team of very talented individuals and am also very thankful for the learning experience.

Brandon Miller Class of 2018

My name is Brandon Miller, and I am a rising senior at North Thurston High School.  In my free time I practice Martial Arts, read, play with violin, and relax with friends.

I participate in tennis, math and science club, national honor society , and two orchestras.  I take all of my classes at North Thurston High School and take many academic, advanced-placement classes.  I worked for three years as an instructor at Paramount Martial Arts, teaching students of ages ranging from potty trained to using a cane.  We focused on teaching students how to defend themselves and instilling important life skills. I also do community service at our local retirement community, Panorama, with my grandmother, as well as after school math tutoring.

I’m excited to be able to have a cultural and personal experience I would otherwise have no chance of experiencing, as well as working with the creative and eager minds of my fellow participants.  I was very happy to come across country to this program and look forward to working with all kinds of people to cause a real tangible change for real people.

Josh Ross Class of 2018

My name is Josh Ross and I am a rising senior attending Nevada Union High School in Grass Valley California. Most of my free time goes to creating digital art, investing in the stock market, and growing my sticker company. I am a deep believer in the importance of imagination which is why I dedicate much of my time to creating abstract digital art designs. I turned this hobby into a business when I started selling some of my designs on stickers under the brand name Explore Void. Explore Void encourages people to follow their passions and to explore life, these are two things I think people should focus on more. As for investing, I get up every morning (MonFri) at 6:16AM to invest and increase my day/swing trading knowledge.

I participate in many school related activities such as Cross Country and Track as well as a variety of Clubs. Some of the clubs I am in are the STEM club and the California Scholarship Federation Club. I also started my own Investing Club in which students can learn about economics, entrepreneurship,and of course investing.

I have never joined anything like the IBAP program before, but I am excited to get some first hand experience in the business world and to better the lives of those less fortunate.

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