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Business Owner:Abdulhadi Ahmed

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Our Team

Ashton Stimson
Class of 2019

My name is Ashton Stimson and I am currently a Junior at Dee-Mack High school. I love getting involved with the world around me by allowing myself to participate in experiences such a leadership conferences to better my skills for a global change, traveling to different countries to expand my knowledge in developing and developed countries, and finally by challenging myself academically and socially by being on communities in my school and local community. I hope to change the lives for those in my business and the lives that they touch.

Jacob Reed
Class of 2018

My name is Jake Reed and I am a rising senior at V. Sue Cleveland High school. I thrive in my extra curricular activities from sports to in-school clubs. My passion lies in helping others for the betterment of everyone, which is implicated in football, DECA, and my contribution to the local community. I stand out by my leadership within these activities by being a state officer for DECA as well as the chapter president, being one of the 4 possible captain candidates for football along with my two all-time weight lifting records.I aspire in being an influential leader in my community through New Mexico’s local government.

Nam Nguyen
Class of 2018

My name is Nam Nguyen, and I am a rising senior. In school to further test my academic abilities I am a member of the DECA Business program.

I am active in many extracurricular actives such as dance, student council, M.A.D Against Hunger, drama club, and fashion club.

I help out in my community by being an officer and active member of M.A.D Against Hunger at my school. I hope to continue my service to others by becoming a member of the Peace Corps one day.

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