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Our Business Partner: JAFI Security Guards

Business Owner:Abubakar Isa

Location: Maiduguri, Borno State Nigeria

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William Farthing
Class of 2018

My name is William Oliver Farthing, and I am a rising senior at Hickory Grove Christian School. I am interested in politics and I enjoy playing paintball, hiking, and camping in my free time.

At school I am the junior class president and the founder of our school’s Constitutional Conservative Club. I will be on the swim team in the winter and play tennis in the spring. I am a volunteer at Second Harvest Foodbank, which distributes food to low income families around Charlotte. I am also involved with several political campaigns in North Carolina including the Trump campaign.

I am looking forward to participating in the IBAP program. Helping businesses overseas and connecting with people of different cultures is what I’m most excited about.

Christopher Celli
Class of 2018

Hello, my name is Christopher Celli and I am a rising Senior at Walsingham Academy High School in Williamsburg, Virginia. I am involved with my school’s’ Key Club, Soccer Team and the Track and Field Team. Outside of school I enjoy volunteering and I am passionate about community service, which is why I volunteer at my local Hospice House. I am also the Secondary Assistant Programs Coordinator at Leadership Initiatives.

Grant Sommer
Class of 2019

Hello, my name is Grant Sommer and I am a rising Junior at Central York High School in York Pennsylvania. In my high school I am involved in the Marching Band, Track and Field and Cross Country. Outside of these activities, I am very interested in spending time outdoors and through this comes my passion for Boy Scouts. I am currently working on my Eagle Scout rank in my local Boy Scout Troop. I am on staff for a local leadership training through the Boy Scouts along with a nationwide leadership training that takes place during the summer. I am interested in pursuing a researching job in a science field. I am looking into physics as a possible research field. I got involved in the IBAP program through my friend who brought it back to our high school after he did a summer program through the same company.

Myles Naylor
Class of 2020

My name is Myles Naylor and I am in my sophomore year of highschool at Central York High School. I am currently involved in multiple different activities such as Envirothon, York County Honors Choir, Central York High School Celebration Show Choir, Cross Country, and Track. I am also a Boy Scout Working Towards My Eagle Scout Rank in Troop 54. I am ecstatic to be working with leadership initiatives to help others in an area of the world less fortunate than mine and really create an impact. Through this experience I hope to gain knowledge on how to create solutions for problems businesses are facing while also helping to transform lives of those less fortunate than I am.

Bennett Lewis
Class of 2019

Hi, my name is Bennett Lewis and I’m from Greensboro, North Carolina. This coming year, I will be entering the 11th grade at a boarding school in New York to participate in a program called city term. I have experience in my own personal marketing and in leadership from a number of different places. I teach a class in robotics at a local museum to 10 through 14 year old students, helping them develop problem solving skills. In the past, I have also coached twelve different middle school robotics teams, half of which were able to place in a state competition.  Although my brain may be a part of the computer world, my heart lies with music. I produce different vocalists, create my own singles, and currently I am in the final stages of releasing an album made with a colleague of mine. To fund this passion, I took up DJing, and I have since fallen in love. My dream job would be a touring artist playing my own music at festivals. Performances have oddly enough improved my public speaking skills (It makes sense if you really think about it), and now I feel confident taking hold of the stage and sharing my thoughts. The IBAP program continues to supply me with amazing experiences, including the conference I am taking part in now. I can not wait to see how the work I do here with my teammates will change lives in the real world.

Morgan Weintraub
Class of 2018

My name is Morgan Weintraub and I’m from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This year, I’ll be a senior at Cypress Bay high school. I am taking a variety of college and honors classes in order to prepare for the future. I’m a hard worker, and extremely determined. Therefore, I have been involved in the Student government class for four years. This class strengthened my leadership and communication skills drastically.

Nothing makes me happier than helping others. I started my own 501-C3 nonprofit organization called Children Helping Other Children, or CHOC. I am a cancer survivor and viewed CHOC as a way to give back and express my support for children who are going through severe problems, such as lifelong or life threatening diseases. Besides CHOC, I’m also involved in modeling and acting on my free time. I donate the money that I earn to charity.

I’m a very optimistic person. I always look on the bright side of things and I’m always smiling. When someone is upset, I do everything I can to ‘turn their frown upside down’. I’m extremely excited to be working with LI and to help the security business in Nigeria.

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