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Aidan Andrews                                                                                                                    Class of 2018

My name is Aidan Andrews, and I reside in a small lobstering town on the coast of Maine, called Cushing.

At my school I play for the varsity golf team and am always very enthusiastic about learning. At my school I take the most difficult classes available such as AP classes and I always like to push myself. My favorite things to learn about are history and politics. In past years I have volunteered in Maine’s House of Representatives which had helped me learn about the politics in my state. This year I have volunteered for presidential primary races. In my town I spoke at our Caucus in an attempt to sway voters to my candidates cause. In this 2016 election cycle I have volunteered for a campaign for Maine’s House of Representatives which I sit on the advisory board of and do calls for. I also volunteered for the senator in my district by distributing signs across my town. I plan to continue to be politically active my entire life by pursuing a career in politics and a degree in political science.

Galya Gonzalez                                                                                                                   Class of 2019

I’m Galya Gonzalez from Austin, Texas and I participate in IBAP, HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America), Academy Ambassadors. and Student Council. I also enjoy Web Design and gaming for leisure. I’m very committed to the things that I do and like to implement plans for tasks before taking action.

Rudraksh DasGupta                                                                                                           Class of 2019

My name is Rudraksh DasGupta, and I am a rising junior. I challenge myself academically by attending my high school, which contains an extremely rigorous academic program, and I take most of the advanced courses that are offered. I participate in many extracurricular activities, such as The Academy Ambassador Program, Health Occupations Students of America, French Club, and volunteer at the Seton group of Hospitals. I hold a leadership position as the President of Academy Ambassador Program. I help out in the community by volunteering for service projects as a member of my temple, and I am currently working on an IB CAS Project.

Brooke Barclay
Class of 2019

I’m Brooke Barclay and I’m a rising junior at Churchill High School in Maryland. I like to take rigorous classes and have taken the most challenging courses possible at my school because of this.

For extracurriculars I swim on Varsity for my school swim team and i also swim on a winter team year round and for my school and i also play field hockey for my school. I applied for Engineering Honors Society next year, as i can only participate in national honors societies until junior year. I plan to apply to English and Spanish honors societies when i can next year.

I volunteer for a special needs swim team every sunday during the spring and help coaching and mentoring swimmers. I hope to learn more about psychology and mental health in my later education, but also like math and science related subjects.

I have never done anything like ILBS before and i really like how much opportunity has opened up for me because of it and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Kerri Deitz                                                                                                                            Class of 2018

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