International Leadership and Business Summit FAQs

Answers to all of your questions about the ILBS, tuition and financial assistance, safety, travel and accommodations, academic preparation and more.

Enrollment FAQs

If you’re a high school student who wants to develop your leadership skills and change lives, we’re for you! The International Leadership & Business Summit (IBLS) is a truly unique opportunity that teaches you how to change lives today. Over the course of six days, you will not only experience and learn content that no other program can offer, but you will also receive college preparation and insider tips for college admissions. During your time with IBLS, you and your fellow students will work together to form partnerships with communities and small businesses in Nigeria. Once partnered, students will Skype with business owners, learning about their everyday challenges and obstacles to success. During these sessions, students will collaborate with their business partners to create solutions to these obstacles. Students will research, develop prototypes and design solutions to present to a panel of development experts and investors with the goal of having their projects funded. In the end, each business owner will receive a grant to actually implement the solutions our students research and present. This is not a theoretical simulation; this is a real-life business owner with a family and a community in need. Our student leaders are literally making a difference in lives and communities across the globe…NOW!

We care a great deal about our students and their success. In addition to encountering some of the most memorable and unprecedented experiences in Washington, D.C., we also prepare you for college and professional life like no other program out there.

    • One-on-one mentor time from Leadership Initiatives mentor-ship pool
    • 7-to-1 student-staff ratio
    • Team leads will be Georgetown University professors
    • ACT/SAT training from TestRocker
    • Scholarship search assistance from Scholly
    • 5 college application essays – reviewed and edited
    • 3 scholarship application essays – reviewed and edited
    • Choose your own adventure embassy tours
    • Admissions counseling from Ivy League admissions experts

After you have completed the enrollment process you will receive a confirmation email containing all of the materials you need to attend our program. That’s it! If for some reason you did not receive your confirmation email, or perhaps deleted it on accident, please contact and let them know.

If your first choice for a program date is full, please email and let them know that you would like to be placed on the waiting list. All students on the waiting list will be contacted on a first come first serve basis when and if space becomes available.

The final day to register for all Summer 2017 programs is May 31st. If you would like to attend but do not think you will be able to meet the deadline for registration, please contact us at and we can chat about what options are available.

Applications for the International Business and Leadership Summit can be submitted by going to our enrollment page (link here). We examine all applications on a case by case basis. If you are selected, you will be notified accordingly.

Tuition and Financial Assistance

Tuition for our program is all-inclusive which means all student materials, local transportation during the program, housing, meals, program activities and social events are covered. All students are responsible for arranging travel accommodations to and from the program site. We are able to provide transportation to and from the program for an additional $60 ($30 each way). This includes pickup and drop off at any of the major Washington D.C. airports and Penn Station. We recommend students bring personal spending money for incidentals.

Payment plans are available and we are happy to work with applicants in advance to create a plan. If you prefer to schedule a payment plan for tuition, a minimum $500 down payment is required to hold your place for the conference.

Typically, payments are the total cost of tuition (minus the down payment) divided by the number of months left before the conference. For example, if the cost is $2750, and you place your $500 down payment six months in advance, that would leave you with five monthly payments of $450. Failure to pay for the program in full by the first Friday of the final month will result in the loss of your spot in the program. After that, all standard cancellation fees apply.

Our programs are tailored towards the highest academic achievers around the country. We want to make sure those achievers are representative of the varying backgrounds that contribute towards the inherent benefits of student diversity. We are incredibly proud to offer select students scholarships in the form of partial tuition remittance. Those seeking financial assistance may submit an essay (up to 1,000 words) to describing why they feel they should receive tuition remittance. Selected essays will be responded to accordingly.


Students with the intent to fundraise for our program should first begin by securing their space in the program by emailing our admissions staff at letting them know of your intent. Next, let us help you with the fundraising. We have a number of programs and activities that have helped students in the past to raise enough funds for attendance.Our fundraising staff can be reached at 

If you have to cancel your program registration, the following cancellation fee structure applies:

Prior to April 16th in the calendar year the program is taking place – $500

Between April 17th and May 14th – $750

After May 15th – tuition is non refundable. However, if you would like to apply the tuition to one of next years programs there is no penalty. If registration is canceled for next years program, the standard cancellation fees would apply.

Once the initial deposit of $500 is completed, the student will have access to one year of TestRocker SAT or ACT training and Scholarship Assistance through Scholly within 24 hours. Any additional payments made afterward can be refunded in full if the student cancels on or before May 31, 2017. Cancellations made on or after June 1, 2017, will be refunded all but $1000 to cover deposits made for program participation.

Travel and Lodging Accomodations

Students will stay in dormitories on gender-specific floors on the Georgetown University campus. Each dormitory room houses two students and has its own bathroom. Each floor also has a common room where students will meet for group work, socializing and some meals. Staff are on site at all times. Additional room details can be found at:

Leadership Initiatives will try to accommodate specific roommate requests if they are submitted by May 31st, 2017. PLEASE NOTE:  In order to consider roommate requests, both students’ parents must contact us at to make the requests.  No consideration will be given without explicit parental consent.

The address for the program is Village C West-1300 36th St, Washington, DC 20007

For GPS purposes, use 3611 Canal Road NW, Washington DC, 20007

All students are responsible for arranging travel accommodations to and from the program site. There are a number of services available (Uber, Taxi, Bus, Shuttle, etc…) and of course a friend or family member is more than welcome to drop off and pick up students. We are also able to provide transportation to and from the program for an additional $60. This includes pickup and drop off at any of the major Washington D.C. airports and Penn Station. If you are arriving by paid car service, instruct the driver to enter campus at this address: 3700 P Street NW, Washington DC 20007. Your luggage will be off-loaded at a small drop off area and carted to your residence hall.

Oversized Vehicles: We strongly discourage the use of moving vans, box trucks, trailers and roof racks, for these could greatly lengthen the move-in process. Please note that vehicles unable to make a 6’6” clearance face additional delays while navigating the drop-off process.

If it is necessary to rent a vehicle to drop off your student on campus, please do not rent anything larger than a passenger van. Your room will not be able to accommodate more than can fit into a vehicle this size.

Program FAQs

Student safety and supervision is our number one priority at Leadership Initiatives, and we maintain a uniquely low student-to-staff ratio of seven-to-one, which not only allows more individualized time, but also a far more manageable cohort. Our trained staff ensure that students are accounted for at all times through multiple check-ins throughout the day. Students are required to attend all group activities and seminars, and are not permitted to walk or travel to or from any location without supervision. Staff confirm that students are and remain in their rooms at night during room checks, and stay on the same floors as their student teams. One staff member checks the student hallways each hour through the night. In addition, video surveillance is in effect in the dormitories.

Gaining independence, including experiencing new things on your own, is an essential part of your growth during the program. So, your parents or guardians are not allowed to accompany you. However, it is perfectly fine for your family to travel with you to the program location and stay in the area while you are attending the program.

Students will spend most days in programming where cell phones must be turned off. Students are free to make phone calls before programming starts in the morning, during breaks and in the evening after programming, and parents are encouraged to wait until these times to speak with students. Parents will be provided with a phone number that is answered by a staff member 24/7 in the event that they need to reach a student immediately, and also may email their student’s team adviser to request that their child contact them.

In many cases, yes. Parents of students with special needs must contact us as soon as possible. Explanation of medical conditions that require special apparatuses and/or that have the potential to become emergent (i.e. insulin-dependent diabetes, asthma, seizure disorders, bee allergy) must be submitted in writing in order to ensure that we understand the full scope of what is required. In addition, a conversation with a staff member must take place no less than one month prior to the program start date. We want to make sure we have adequate time to contact any staff at the institution and within our organization in order to make sure we can accommodate the student’s needs.  Students should bring any medical insurance cards in case medical treatment at a doctor’s office or hospital is required.  In the event that we are unable to accommodate medical needs, 100% of any registration fees or deposits will be refunded regardless of the date.

The program will certainly try to accommodate students’ dietary needs. Students with special dietary restrictions must request a dietary restriction form to be completed and sent in advance, and we will create a specialized meal plan (to be approved by parents) for the week. In addition, parents are encouraged to contact Leadership Initiatives staff directly to further discuss the best way to manage a student’s dietary restrictions and/or food allergies for meals that take place at local restaurants or embassies.
*Staff must be notified of any student with food allergies who will be bringing any apparatus or medication (inhaler, lactose enzyme pills, EpiPen, etc) that they normally carry.

In addition to this, Leadership Initiatives has a proprietary app that students will use to order their own food. For the majority of meals, students will be able to select what they want from the available restaurants in the area.

Students will participate in numerous activities during our program. Several days will include activities where students will be walking, so comfortable shoes are a necessity. There will be three half-day events that require professional attire. The rest of the time students may wear casual clothing, with the exception of the following:
· Clothing that is ripped or torn
· Clothing with offensive or profane language
· Revealing clothing (including bare midriffs, short shorts, miniskirts, and drooping/sagging pants)
·  Workout/exercise clothing (sweatpants and non-revealing comfortable clothing, however, are acceptable in the evenings)

*Since IBLS is a professional conference for student leaders who will have many opportunities to interact with professionals and leaders, be mindful about the clothing choices you make.  We reserve the right to request a change of clothing if a student’s clothing is deemed inappropriate by staff.

It is the decided opinion of Leadership Initiatives that all current students behave in a manner befitting a mature and responsible citizen. These include traits such as honesty, fairness, integrity, personal responsibility, being trustworthy and having respect for others. Members of the learning community will be expected to abide by this code of conduct as a commitment to serve as responsible stewards of not only Leadership Initiatives, but their community and country respectively. Leadership Initiatives reserves the right to remove any student that does not demonstrate these qualities.

Leadership Initiatives FAQs

Leadership Initiatives (LI) empowers underdeveloped communities to address their own needs by partnering with local government and business leaders to provide promising individuals with entrepreneurial, leadership and project management training. These leaders are able to identify obstacles, develop solutions and create new businesses to empower themselves and their communities.

Short term objective: Train local leaders to create sustainable solutions to existing community problems.

Long term objective: Develop a generation of leaders that are poised to empower entire nations.

Learn more at